Serious / Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness insurance provides you with a lump sum of money if you are diagnosed with certain illnesses or disabilities.

What is critical illness cover?

It’s something that no one likes to consider, but if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer, this cover provides a safety net to both you and your family. The payout from Genesis comes tax-free and can help support you and your loved ones while you recover. 

However, our unique cover doesn’t just apply to those critical, life-threatening illnesses. We also cover for serious conditions, for example, should you go blind. That is why we call it serious illness and critical illness cover.

Our serious/critical illness cover covers:

  • All heart attacks

  • All strokes

  • More cancers than any other insurer (Defaqto, 2021)

  • All neurological diseases

  • Breathing and respiratory diseases

  • Stomach and intestine diseases

  • Kidney diseases

  • Connective tissue diseases

  • Eyesight and hearing conditions

  • Endocrine gland diseases

  • Permanent disability.

Do you need to invest in serious or critical illness cover?

Illness can suddenly impact on our lives at any given time. As found by Macmillan Cancer Support Research in 2017, people on average can lose out on £570 each month due to their cancer diagnosis. But, we’re here to reduce the impact of this. Serious or Critical illness cover can help if:

  • You and your family rely purely on your income.

  • You’re the main provider for your home, or you’re a single income household. 

  • Those government benefits available won’t cover your outgoings, or you’re not eligible for them.

How does serious illness cover work?

For the whole of your plan, you’ll pay out monthly premiums. These start from just as little as £8 a month. If you’re sadly diagnosed with one of the conditions included in our cover and it’s meets one of our definitions, you’ll be eligible for a payout.

In short, the payout you receive will be based on how the condition impact your lifestyle and will be a certain percentage of your cover amount. Therefore, the bigger the impact the condition has on your lifestyle, the higher a payout you’ll receive. With this mind, you could still be eligible for a payout during the earlier stages of your illness, regardless of if it is life threatening or not. 

Should your condition get progressively worse, or you get another, you are allowed to claim against Genesis again. You can keep doing so until you’ve covered your whole cover amount.

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